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Anil Parwani

Product Leadership

Wealth & Capital Markets

Accomplished product management leader with a proven track record of driving success in the capital markets industry, demonstrating technical and functional expertise, GTM strategy, and business architecture.

Proficient in APIs, systems and architectures for front office (trading, FIX, compliance), middle office (margin and positions management), back office (reconciliation and fund administration)

About me

A result oriented wealth and capital markets domain expert.

Strong experience in fintech products spanning across buy-side investment management and sell-side brokerage business.

Exposure to multiple geographies globally including India, UK, US and Middle East.


of Expertise


An accomplished fintech domain expert in product management and service delivery in the areas of capital markets, asset management, wealth management and brokerage services.


Strong exposure in fintech architectures, trade life cycle, front-to-back systems, OMS / EMS, IBOR / ABOR, digital services, and data feeds. Product knowledge includes equities, FX, listed derivatives, rates, commodities and collective investments.


Proven experience working with execution and leadership teams in investment banks, asset management firms, data vendors, custodians and global stock exchanges (ASX, CME, EUREX, HKFE, LSEG, NSE, SGX).

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years of experience in building solutions for buy & sell side firms; investment managers, prime brokers, investment banks and commodity trading companies.

increase in revenue within the first year by orchestrating the successful 0-1 development and market entry of a new trading platform for NSE and BSE (equities, commodities and derivatives).

large engagements (platforms & programs) managing worth billions of $ assets under management including high frequency / low latency applications.

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Key Technology Engagements

Solutions design, assessment & delivery for multiple small projects within an STP environment. Data integrations across trade life cycle (trade feeds, positions, cash); CRD <-> Investment book of records <-> Accounting book of records.

Investment Manager

Technology support for low latency/high frequency derivatives trading platform. Business demonstrations to exchanges for application re-certification. Managing trading compliance engine; a limit check system for trading positions and exposure risks.

IB & Prime Brokerage

Built a cloud native mobile OMS for a large securities trading firm.

Designed and implemented user journeys for scrips, funds and investment / position books. Third party integrations for technical charts, and market data.

Securities Brokerage

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Key Advisory Engagements

Delivered a large change management program on cloud modernisation across a team of 250 members. Streamlined the business architecture framework, optimizing margin collateral operations, contributing to a 30% increase in business efficiency.

Global Custodian

Market data monetisation feasibility study for a bank's reference data on securities, pricing and news. Aggregation and re-distribution ofthe data to brokers and other market participants. A 150+ points study on data consumption, systems, processes, distribution and monetisation.

Market Data Firm

A detailed buy vs. build analysis for a commodity order management system in the CTRM industry. The study includes comparison of features, pricing (subscription models) of third party solutions vs. cost, effort and go to market for building an internal OMS.

CTRM Startup



GIFT City, Gandhinagar


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(+91) 98609 94580

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Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

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